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RICS - Licensed Building Surveys
(We do not undertake Valuations) 

RICS Home Surveys

We are RICS regulated so we can offer RICS Condition Reports and RICS Home Surveys.  

RICS Surveys have to adhere to a set criteria and no deviation is allowed by the terms of the licensing agreement with the RICS. This is to maintain a clear distinction between the various types of RICS Surveys and for legal and liability reasons.  
The RICS charges for the RICS Home Surveys Copyright Licence Scheme which permits members of RICS to reproduce specified RICS Home Surveys Reports. 

Choosing the right survey

The importance of getting a Home Survey

RICS  Condition Reports (Survey Level 1 ):

The RICS Condition Report describes the condition of the property, identifies any risks and potential legal issues and highlights any urgent defects. It uses simple ‘traffic light’ ratings to clearly identify the condition of the key elements of the property.

Typically, the lowest priced of the surveys, it is aimed at conventional properties and newer homes. This would typically include property conversions and properties that use conventional building materials and construction methods and   have service systems commonly used in domestic residential properties. Although there is no restriction on the type of property, because the Condition Report is objective and concise, it is better suited to more modern properties. A RICS Condition Report does not include a valuation or cost estimates.(More detailed information on RICS Survey Level 1 here)

RICS HomeBuyer Report (Survey level two) 

This is most suitable for conventional properties which are in reasonable condition. The report gives you more detailed information and the service is specifically designed for clients who are  seeking a professional opinion at an economic price. It is, therefore, necessarily less comprehensive than a level 3 
building survey.
The focus of the service is on assessing the general  condition of the main elements of a property. The inspection is not exhaustive, and no tests are undertaken. There is, therefore, a risk that certain defects may not be found that would have been uncovered if testing and/or a more substantial inspection had been undertaken. This is a risk that the client must accept. 
It does not include a valuation.

RICS Building Survey (Survey Level 3)
This survey is more expensive than the Homebuyer's Report (Survey Level 2).  It costs more than the other RICS reports because it  gives detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property and therefore it's a more thorough and detailed assessment of the property's condition. It is more suited for the following residential properties:

    Listed buildings
    Properties more than 30 years old
    Buildings constructed in an unusual way, however old they are
    Properties you plan to renovate or alter in any way
    Properties that have had extensive alterations

 We will produce a final report which will reveal the detail of the construction of the property and the materials used and provides you with an in-depth analysis of the property's condition and include advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options.

For clients looking to renovate, diagnose or follow up on any pre-known concerns, this Building Survey will allow you that time and detail. It does not include a valuation.
(More detailed information on RICS Survey Level 3 here)

              Guide to the cost range of RICS Surveys 

Costs and fees for building surveys can vary considerably for different types of property survey. 

The main things to consider are the age, type, size, location and price of the property, as well as the level of detail that the buyer or owner is looking for.

We always give quotes based on individual circumstances. 

We would always advise you to contact us by phone or e-mail so we can tailor our building surveyor services to your requirements and timescales. 

Click here to contact us for a building surveyor quotation, or call us today on 01227 458695 or 07973757381 

Any fees quoted do not just cover the actual time taken to undertake the survey. It reflects the time required for each level of service along with the cost of the RICS charges for the RICS Home Surveys Copyright Licence Scheme. It will take account of travelling time, pre-inspection research and client liaison, liability cap, inspection time, preparation and packaging of the report, report dispatch, post-inspection client discussions and the supporting administrative processes.

Estimated survey costs (for guidance only)

Value of property   up to £99,000                                  HomeBuyer's report £240  -    Building survey £280 

Value of Property £100,000 - £249,000                      HomeBuyer's report £270 - Building survey £320

Value of Property £250,000 - £349,000
HomeBuyer's report £295 - Building survey £360

Value of Property £350,000 - £499,000
HomeBuyer's report £340 - Building survey £420

Value of Property £500,000 +                                        HomeBuyer's report £420 - Building survey £680

Please be aware that a property that is fully carpeted and furnished and has its roof space deeply insulated will restrict the completeness of an inspection at any level.

Standard Terms of Engagement

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