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Schedule of Condition - Party Wall Award

Schedule of Condition — Party Wall Award  

Quite often it is necessary and useful to have a detailed record of a property’s
condition at a point in time. This is known as a Schedule of Condition. It is
used as a benchmark against which its condition can be assessed in the future
and any changes identified.

A typical schedule of condition will record and assess the condition of each
building element — walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows etc. — and usually record
this in a tabular format with columns describing the type and condition of each
element. It is usually accompanied by photographs for later cross reference.

Party wall awards usually include a record of condition, the purpose being to
record a building’s condition before any work starts which can be checked in the
event of any future dispute or allegation of damage. Sometimes a schedule is
requested even where neighbours have consented to the works. In these cases,
the schedule usually covers only those areas most likely to be affected by the
neighbour’s building works, rather than the whole building.

The Schedule of Condition Process:

The Party Wall Surveyor will review the existing plans and proposed plans in advance of the construction works commencing. The surveyor will then review the proposed construction works from the perspective of the adjoining owner’s property, thereby identifying those areas within the adjoining owner’s property that will be included within the Schedule of Condition Report.

The surveyor then visits the adjoining owner’s property in advance of the construction works commencing to take a recorded schedule of its current condition. The aim of the inspection is to ensure that there is a thorough and impartially prepared record in place prior to the construction works commencing.

Next, the surveyor will prepare the full report that sets out the existing condition of the adjoining owner’s property. The report will include a thorough written record of the property condition along with fully indexed photographs. This Report will then be provided in both PDF format and hard copy to both the building owner and adjoining owner.

All of our Schedule of Condition Reports are set at fixed costs and include the inspection, report and any time incurred in the unfortunate event that damage is caused as a result of the construction works.

Studio Flat Fees from £390
1 Bedroom Flat Fees from £410
2 – 3 Bedroom Flat Fees from £430

1 – 3 Bedroom House Fees from £450
3 plus Bedroom House Fees from £480

Other Property

Depending on the complexity the fee can be from £500 upwards.


We are members of RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), the CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) and the FPWS (Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors), which means you can be confident of receiving sound advice and the highest standards of professional service before, during and after your project is complete.
Members of The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors have been trained and been
assessed for competence in party wall matters and are bound by the Faculty’s
Code of Conduct.