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Heritage Home Condition Survey

This survey is essential for larger or older properties, or if you’re planning major works. The most comprehensive report provides you with an in-depth analysis of the property's condition and includes advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options in keeping with the guidance provided in BS 7913: 2013.

This service is broadly equivalent to RICS level 3 which is described on the RICS website at This particular service has the following additional featuress: With the appriopriate permissions, we may undertake some “targeted specialist investigations” (TGI's) such as wall tie condition survey or undertake Carbide Moisture Tests on wall samples. The surveys can be very detailed - it is important to agree the reason and the scope of undertaking the survey from the outset. 

Section 6.2 Condition Surveys and Inspections say that these surveys are...

(5)Programmed surveys and inspections - to monitor condition, help determine priorities and programme work - an essential part of properly managing historic buildings (see 6.1). 

(6) Carried out by competent persons with knowledge of traditional materials, construction techniques and decay processes. 

(11) Surveys and inspections can conclude with the need for more detailed analysis, often termed “targeted specialist investigations” 

Historic England advises that when it comes to looking after an older house, it's very important to carry out regular maintenance in order to prevent expensive repairs at a later date.

To look after your home properly you need to carry out regular maintenance checks and fix any problems you find straight away. All buildings deteriorate with age, but good maintenance will slow that process and keep your home a safe and pleasant place to live.

Maintenance is also cost effective. Small problems can soon escalate and even risk permanently damaging your home if they're not tackled when they're first spotted. Ignoring them can prove costly at a later date. A properly maintained home will also keep its value. 

The cost of these surveys start at £300 and rise according to the complexity and size of the building being surveyed. This survey is carried out on Heritage Buildings (built with Lime mortar) and not on Modern Buildings. 

British Standard BS 7913:2013 Section 6.2 Condition Surveys and Inspections states:
Knowledge of the pathology of materials and the agents of decay should be sought so that corrective, preventative and remedial measures can be taken that allow the retention of original historic fabric and ensure its longevity”.
Pathology is broader than the decay of materials. It also encompasses the way the components interact and, how the spaces are used”.