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Snagging Inspections

Around 160,000 new homes are built each year and the number of defects or 'snags' found in new homes has been steadily increasing each year. You can expect to find at least 40 problems in a one-bedroom property to well over 130 for a four-bedroom house.

The aim of our Snagging Inspection Survey is to identify and assess the quality of workmanship used on your new home. This will be assessed on relevant standards. The inspection will cover the interior and exterior of the property, including garages,  pathways and driveways where applicable. Your attention will be drawn to areas not inspected for whatever reason will be  indicated in the report and we cannot guarantee that they are free from defects. 

We only work for the purchasers of new build homes and not for house builders to avoid any conflict of interest.

When to Snag?
So, you are in the process of buying your new house from the house builder and they have offered you the chance to snag  it. The first question is actually when to snag it. Ideally this should be before you sign the  contract.  10 to 14 days before you sign is a reasonable timeframe.

What do you get?
When you request us to undertake a snagging inspection for your new home you will receive a snag list which will provide you with a extensive report for presentation to the builder to correct the defects and snag issues.
The snag list report also serves as a ‘historic record’ should a corrected problem reoccur during occupancy by the home owner & warranty allows for recourse to demand further repair.
The builders snagging team and trades can use the list to correct the outstanding issues found in our snag reports.

The Follow-up
When the House Builder tells you that all the defects have been corrected you can then re-check that the items on the 'snagging list' have actually been corrected! Make sure you are happy with the results. Hopefully your house builder will have rectified all the items in good time and you can get on with enjoying your new home.

                            Inspection Costs
Snagging Inspections have a range of prices as follows:
Prices:  2 bed house £300; 3 bed house £350; 4 bed house £400
5 bed house £450. 
1 bed apartment and 2 bed apartment £250; 3 bed apartment £300. 
Payment terms:  Payment is due in full immediately upon receipt of our Snagging Inspection Report